How Can You Learn about Your UTI/NSDL PAN Card Status

Track your UTI/NSDL PAN Card Status

You can learn about your UTI/NSDL PAN Card Status online, after you have submitted the PAN application form. This is a short tutorial on how to track the status of your PAN card conveniently online. You need to apply this card if you are doing business in India and are eligible to pay tax.

PAN card is approved for use as an identity proof document and you also must show the card when you want to carry out a transaction at a bank. The plastic card is laminated and you will notice 10 alphanumeric digits on the card. Every PAN card holder is assigned with a unique 10 alphanumeric digits by the Income Tax Department of India. You can present the PAN card as an identity proof document regardless of your location in India and you don’t have to change the card if you happen to move house.

PAN card is a necessary document that you must bring along when you are opening new bank accounts, and credit cards. The PAN card must be presented everytime you submit your income tax or income tax returns. You must show the PAN card if you want to carry out a high net worth transaction that is at least 5 lakhs. The PAN card is an essential document when you want to deposit or make an investment in securities that is greater than Rs. 50,000 in the bank account at one time. You must show the card when you want to buy/sell any vehicle that is equipped with 2 wheels.

The online PAN card application form can be downloaded from the NSDL and UTI sites. If you want the hardcopy PAN card application form, you can get it from the local NSDL and UTI office. Indian citizens should get a copy of the Form 49 A for applying a new or duplicate PAN card. The type of PAN application form that foreign citizens should get is the Form 49 AA.

To track your PAN card status, you must first go to UTI Pan Status at UTI. You should choose Form 49 A to track the status of a new PAN card. You are to select CSF if you intend to check the status for a correction PAN card. After that, you must enter the 15 digits PAN application number in the appropriate field. Finally, you must click on the Submit button.

Those who want to make corrections on their PAN card must fill in the application form designed for making corrections. The PAN card correction form can be downloaded from the UTI and NSDL sites. After filling in the correction PAN card form, you must send a few identity proof documents and the fees to the physical office location of NSDL or UTI or e-Mudhra.

You can apply for a duplicate PAN card if your existing PAN card is lost and cannot be found or you that you accidentally damaged it. The existing PAN number that is already assigned to you will be used in your duplicate PAN card. Every applicant that is applying for a duplicate PAN card must include a photocopy of the first PAN card they apply for.

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