How to Submit an Application for Correction in the PAN Card

Apply for a PAN Card Correction / Changes

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How Can You Apply for a New Pancard / Correction / Reprint / Reissue PAN Card

  • Who is qualified to apply for correction in PAN Card

    This form is used to apply for a new PAN card if there is some mistakes on the data on your existing PAN card such as applicant’s name, name of applicant’s father, birthdate and communication address. When your application is approved, you will receive a new PAN card that has similar PAN number as your existing card. The rectified data will overwrite the wrong data in the database of the Income Tax Department

  • Who can request to make a correction on the data in the PAN card ?

    You should submit this form if you want to rectify the wrong data on your existing PAN card. For example, you can rectify your name if your name has changed due to marriage. If there is a mistake on your father’s name and birthdate, you can also rectify these details on the PAN card.

How to Make a Correction on Your PAN Card

  1. Fill in all the necessary information in the form and remember to check the information in each field twice before you make payment of the application fee online.

  2. You must then print out the application

  3. There is no need to worry if you make a mistake by entering the wrong information in the online application just now because you can correct it by using a liquid paper.

  4. You must get ready two colored photo prints and have them glued to the two boxes you see above the application (Click here to view Sample form)

  5. Use a black ball pen to sign at 3 different places as described below (refer to the Sample Form on website):

a. The first signature is to be signed inside the box under the photo (don’t put your signature on the photo)

b. The second signature is to be signed on the left side of the photo (your signature must touch the paper and photo)

c. The box at the bottom on the right side

  1. Your name and your father name must be entered as in the identity proof document for example driver license and passport.

  2. For applicants that are underage, they will need to get their guardians’ signature. The minor’s photo is to be included. The guardian will have to supply his identity proof documents.

  3. You need to attach the Employer’s Certificate in NSDL format if you enter your office address

  4. Please scan a copy the hard copy as well as other attached documents and email them to
  5. You must have a hard copy of the application delivered to the address specified below after you have glued the 2 photos in place and sign the 3 signatures in the appropriate places:

    Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    22, Shripal Nagar,

    Saket Ashram Road,

    P.O.: SUMERPUR-306902 (Rajasthan/India)

  6. Please take a look at the Procedure & Instruction in (English) or (Hindi) to get more details.

  7. Once your application is processed, you will receive the 15 digit Acknowledgment No. in your email. The status of the PAN application can be tracked after 7 days has passed. Please go to and select Pan Status (NSDL) to check your status. It is also possible to check the PAN status at by choosing ‘Select application type’ – PAN-New / Change request and provide the 15 digits Acknowledgment No. and pressing the submit button.

The PAN card application services is provided by that is founded by the parent company, Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Some of the service the company offers are application for new/correction/duplicate PAN Card, preparation/correction in TDS Returns, Digital Signature, Tax for services, registration of a new LLP Company. You will be redirected to if you click the link above.

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