How to Get the PAN Card Correction Form Downloaded onto Your Computer from the UTI Portal or NSDL Portal

Correction PAN Card Form

PAN card is an important document used by the residents in India. Sometimes, there will be some error on the data in the PAN card. This can happen when you make some mistakes while filling in your name and address. If you notice that there is incorrect data on your PAN card, you must quickly have it rectified. The procedure for making correction on PAN card is very easy. Firstly, you must go to UTI or NSDL to download the PAN card correction form and enter the correct details in order to make the correction in the PAN card. The PAN card data will directly have impact on your income tax refund so you must make sure that incorrect information is rectified as soon as possible. You must make sure that the error data on your current PAN card is corrected with the right information. The first step is to get the PAN card correction form. Next, you must fill in the form with the correct information and attach the form with other required documents. After you have completed the form, you must submit it online. The official PAN card application sites will list the entire procedure clearly. We have included a simplified instructions for you to follow to help you in completing the application. You will become completely familiar with the procedure of the PAN card application. You can also read our other post on application for duplicate PAN card.

Income tax department has given license to a number of financial services companies to accept and issue new/correction PAN cards. Go to the UTI and NSDL official sites to download the form. After that, follow the instructions that are outlined below and you can also conveniently click through to the official site from below. Applicants can also go to the e-Mudhra site to download the PAN card correction form.


When Should You Submit an Application for PAN Card Correction

You can submit an application to get the following error rectified. It is crucial that every single data in the PAN card is accurate. First timers can download the pan card application form online.

  1. Mistakes or spelling error in the name of the applicant
  2. Mistakes or spelling error in the name of the applicant’s father
  3. Error in the date of birth
  4. The photo is blurry
  5. The signature is blurry
  6. PAN number mismatch

We advise applicants to clearly state all the corrections in the PAN card application form. You will be able to track the pan card status after submitting the correction PAN card form. We advise that you check the NSDL pan status and UTI pan card status at the provided links.

How to Apply for PAN Card Correction at the NSDL Portal

Follow the easy to understand guide outlined below to download the form online. Go through the step by step instructions and click on the provided link to go to the official NSDL site. You can make correction to your existing PAN card by following the instructions below.

  1. Click here to visit the official NSDL portal.
  2. You can complete the form according to the guidelines.
  3. You will notice that there is a button below the page.
  4. Choose whether you are an individual or company and enter the necessary details in the form.
  5. Don’t forget to type in your PAN card number and the corrections you would like to make.

Applicants can also track the status of the correction PAN card applications.

How to Download the PAN Card Correction Form from the UTI Portal

The PAN card correction form can also be downloaded at the UTI portal.

  1. Go to UTI
  2. You will see a menu bar on the homepage.
  3. Hover your cursor onto the Downloads Menu item.
  4. You will see a lot of options in the drop down menu.
  5. Select the option ‘Change Request Application – CSF Form’
  6. The PAN card application form in PDF format will be available for download.
  7. You can save the form onto your computer or print it with your printer after selecting the appropriate options that display on the top right corner.

The PAN card correction form can be submitted to any branch that the income tax department has licensed to issue PAN cards. You must first select Apply for PAN Card Data Change or Correction in PAN card and then complete the form with the necessary details and submit them. It is very easy to fill in the form because the instructions have already been provided.

You have to pay a fee for making corrections and you must also attach the DD and other important documents. The acknowledgment receipt must be attached. Proof of identity documents that act as proof for your address and date of birth must be attached. Finally, you must print on the word “Application for PAN Change request – N – 15 digit Acknowledgment number” on the envelop that you use in mailing your application.

Permanent Account Number is an important document for the residents of India. This is why you must make sure that every detail on the document is correct. We advise that you go through the details on your PAN card the moment you receive it. If there is a mistake for example typo, you can submit the necessary application and make changes. On this site, you will find the necessary information on submitting the PAN card correction form online. You can share the post with those around you. You can come back to our blog to get information on important documents such as Aadhar card. You can also find information about passport application on our blog. You can find out how to apply for passport online.

You can write your feedback in the comment box below if you have problem in obtaining the pan card correction form.

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