Guide to Knowing Your Aadhar Card Status with Your Name

How to Learn about the Aadhar Card Status With Your Name

Aadhar card is an important government document for the Indian citizen. Even though there is no obligation to apply for the card, the document plays an important role in India nonetheless. There are several methods that allows you to use your enrollment ID number to find out about your Aadhar card status, What happens if you do not have the Aadhar card’s enrollment receipt with you. Despite that, you will still be able to go to the UIDAI portal to track the Aadhar card status by name. Some people may find it hard to follow through the procedure especially those who are not familiar in using the internet. There are only two steps in tracking the Aadhar card with your name. The first step is to get ready the enrollment ID number. The second step is to type in the enrollment status to track the Aadhar card status.

The post offers complete guideline that teach you the steps you have to take to track the UID or Aadhar card status by name at the UIDAI portal. Find out how to apply for aadhar card on the internet.


Tracking the Aadhar Card Status with Your Name at the UIDAI Portal

You can read about the guide on how to check UIDAI status online on our blog. The guide teaches you how to track your Aadhar card status with either your name or enrollment number. It is a useful knowledge to be able to how to track the status of your Aadhar card and find out the enrollment ID number. The enrollment ID is issued when you submit the application. You must not forget to get the UID number.

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You don’t have to be anxious if you don’t know where you have placed the enrollment ID receipt that is issued because you can retrieve this number by entering your name at the UIDAI site. Below is a clear outline of the steps for tracking your Aadhar card application status even though you do not have the 14 digit enrollment receipt number with you.

The follow are the instructions for finding out the status of your Aadhar card with your name:

FIRST STEP – Get ready the Enrollment ID number

    1. Visit the official portal of UIDAI
    2. In the ‘You Want to receive your lost:’, you will see two options including Aadhar card number and enrollment ID number.
    3. You are to choose the enrollment ID no. option.
    4. After you have selected Enrollment ID no., take a look at the fields you must fill in. There are only a few fields you must fill including name, email address and mobile number.
    5. You must enter the captcha code accurately.
    6. Press the Get OTP button and the OTP will be sent to the phone number you have just provided.

SECOND STEP – Track the UID status with the use of OTP

      1. The OTP will be sent to your mobile or email address as soon as you have submitted the form.
      2. When you saw the OTP message, look for the OTP number and type it into the Enter OTP field.
      3. Press the Verify OTP button.
      4. The Enrollment ID will now be SMS to your phone or emailed to your email address
      5. You can then go to this UIDAI URL to find out about the Aadhar status:
      6. The URL will take you to the tracking page for the Aadhar card status at the UIDAI portal. Since you must have now received the enrollment ID number, you can type in this number as well as the date/time it is issued.
      7. Enter the captcha code.
      8. Press the Check Status button.
      9. The Aadhar card status will now display on the screen. The Aadhar card application status message will be something like for example under process or ready to dispatch or already dispatched

The Aadhar card number will show up on the screen if they have already issued it to you.

Aadhar card is the latest identity proof document that consists of 12 digits of unique number. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is responsible of issuing the number. It is not obligatory for everyone to have an Aadhar card but many government and private offices have recognized it as a valid identity proof document. The Aadhar card can be used as a proof document for a lifetime and there is no need to renew or make any changes over time. It is very easy to retrieve your enrollment ID number if you lost this number and you can also conveniently know your Aadhar card status by name when you have read our post. You can use the e-Aadhar card if you forgot to bring your physical Aadhar card since it is recognized as a valid identity proof just like the physical hard. Indiapancard offers all the information you want to know about the various documents used by the government. We have posts that guide you on tracking the pan card status aside from using your name to track the Aaadhar card status.

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