Guide on Checking the TDS Refund Status Online

There is a facility at the income tax e-filling site that allows you to check the TDS refund status online. The employers will automatically deduct the tax amount from the paycheck of the employees. The TDS will transfer the tax payment of the employees to the income tax departments. Read on to learn how you can track the TDS refund status. You will find this post helpful if you want to learn how to file for TDS.

The complete instructions on how to file for the TDS is posted on the guide. The guide also provide information on the correct TDS form that you must provide when you are filing for TDS. Those who are paying tax can read the guide to find out how to check the income tax refund status. The online facility for checking the TDS status is one of the most important facilities. Many important services such as income tax and passport seva kendra allows users to track the status.

Employees must declare the earnings that they have made from their investments in that year. The tax deductor will minus the amount for the tax payment based on the earnings of the tax payers. You are eligible for TDS refund if they have deducted more tax than they are supposed to. You can get the TDS refund by filing the e-TDS return and you should track the TDS return status afterwards. The TIN-NSDL portal is the site that offers the facility for this service. The guide offers complete coverage on tracking the TDS refund status at the NDSL portal. You can find out about TDS status and other information about tax deduction on our blog.

Checking the TDS Return Status

You can follow the instructions below and learn how to check the TDS refund status. You must wait for at least 10 days before checking the status.

Enter the TAN number and receipt number and then press the submit button to see the TDS refund status


Dial the helpline number of SBI to check the TDS return status if you don’t have internet access. You can send an email to the following email address to find out about the TDS return status

How Much TDS Interest Rate Charges You Must Pay on Your TDS Return

You have to pay a 6% TDS interest rate if your TDS return is more than 10% of the taxable income. You will receive a notification from the income tax department that includes the TDS interest calculation. If you feel that the TDS return interest is calculated wrong, you can call the income tax department.


Filling for TDS Returns at the Income Tax E-Filling Site

You can visit the following link to download the e-TDS return filling software. The links are available atthe income tax e-filling site. You must follow the format described at the site when filing for the e-TDS/TCS return.

You can download the utility software for free at the link provided. Make sure that you are using the correct TDS form when filling for the TDS refund.

Which TDS Return Form You Should Use

Here is a table on which TDS return form you are to based on the type of tax deduction when you are filing for the TDS return.

Form No. Particulars Periodicity
Form No. 24Q Quarterly statement for tax deducted at source from ‘Salaries’ Quarterly
Form No. 26Q Quarterly statement of tax deducted at source with regardto all payments other than ‘Salaries’ Quarterly
Form No. 27Q Quarterly statement of deduction of tax from interest, dividend or any other sum payable to non-residents Quarterly
Form No. 27EQ Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

You must manually submit the Form 27A for each of the TDS return you are filing for. You should submit Form 27A along with the TDS returns that are filed quarterly for example Form 24Q, 26Q, and 27Q. It will state roughly the total of the tax deduction and deposit.

It is important that you submit the TDS payment and file for the TDS returns on time. The information that has been provided in the guide aims to assist tax payers who are applying to receive their TDS refund. You should now understand how to check the TDS refund status. TDS traces offers a number of TDS facilities. You can go to the TDS traces site to take a look at the Form 26AS and get the statement downloaded onto your computer. You can check the TDS refund status at the TIN_NSDL portal. You will find links to sites that allow you to check the TDS return status at the income tax e-filling site. You can share the guide with those you know if you find the information in this post useful. You can also find the instructions on how to perform other important status checks on the blog. Our blog will guide you on how to check the status of different types of government documents. Learn how to check the voter id card status and ration card status.

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