Guide on How to Know the Status of Your SBI Card Application With or Without Internet Connection

Status of SBI Credit Card Application

You can quickly check the SBI credit card status in a few minutes. You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to check your SBI credit card status. The instructions provided on the guide include links to the tracking page where you can track the status of your application. It is safer when you use credit card to do your shopping because there are a lot of thiefs looking to rob people who carry cash. You can use your SBI credit card to shop online. The guide on this post is prepared for those who have submitted application for the SBI card and looking forward to receive it. SBI Cards and Payments Services Limited is a company formed as a result of the merging between SBI and GE Capital. Millions of people in India have SBI credit cards. State Bank of India is among the leading bank that operate in India. It is very popular in India and many people do banking with them. We provide a full guideline on how to track the SBI credit card status.


It takes about 20 days in order for your credit card application to be processed. So, there is no need to rush in tracking the SBI credit card status after you just submitted the application. You can start to track your SBI card status a few days after sending in the important documents.SBI bank has a few attractive credit cards to offer. Some of the credit cards SBI offers are SBI platinum card, SBI signature card. The instructions in this guide can be used for checking the status of the application of any type of credit card that you apply with SBI. You can also refer to other posts on how to track the status of HDFC credit card and ICICI credit card application.

You have the option of tracking the SBI credit card application status with or without the application ID number. The steps on how to check your credit card status for both methods have been outlined below:

Tracking the Status of Your SBI Credit Card Application Online

How to Check the Status of Your SBI Credit Card with the Application ID

Please follow the steps below to track the status of your SBI credit card application:

    1. Go to:
    2. Select the Track Your Application option on the right
    3. Press the check the status of your application button
    4. Enter your application ID into the field
    5. Press the Track button

The status message for your SBI credit card application will appear. The portal also allow you to submit SBI credit card online payment.

Checking the Status of Your SBI Credit Card Application When You Don’t Have the Application ID

  1. You must select Retrieve Application to get the application ID
  2. This will bring up the birthdate and PAN card number fields
  3. Enter your birthdate and PAN number
  4. Press the Retrieve button
  5. You can now see your SBI card application status

The instructions has been laid out in an easy to understand way so you know how to check the SBI credit card application without any problem.

Dial the Toll Free Number to Track the Status of the SBI credit Card

You can track the SBI card status without connecting to internet. To track the SBI credit card status online, you can dial the telephone numbers below:

  • 1860 180 1290 (toll-free)
  • 1800 180 1290 (toll-free)
  • (city code of the area you want to call) + 39 02 02 02
  • 1800 180 1295 (SBI railway credit card toll-free number)
  • 39 02 12 12 (prefix the city code) – SBI railway credit card customer care

You will find a full list of customer support telephone number to the SBI credit card customer care center when you click through the link to the portal.

Submitting a SBI Credit Card Application

SBI card is being issued at over 20 different areas in India. The following is the instructions on how to submit a SBI card application online:

  1. Go to the SBI card tracking page:
  2. Press the Apply button
  3. Choose SBI card when you are being redrected to another page
  4. Press the Apply Now button
  5. Provide your pesonal details such as PAN number and mobile telephone number
  6. It will send you a OTP to your registered mobile phone number
  7. Type in the OTP and press the Submit button
  8. Press the Next Step button to go to the next stage of the application
  9. Reference the guide on Help me find a card if you haven’t decide on the type of card you should apply. Compare the features and perks of various credit cards offered by SBI.
  10. Finish the online application process by submitting the required documents.

You don’t have to be anxious if your city is not in the drop down menu. You should contact the SBI card toll free customer care telephone number at (city code) 39 02 02 02. You can also pay a visit to the local SBI branch to submit the SBI credit card application. New loan can be applied via the credit card. Our blog has already provided guide on this procedure. You will find a guide that teaches you how to know HDFC loan status. We will also be providing coverage on knowing the SBI loan status.

If you have a SBI credit card, you are entitled to receive discounts and earn rewards points. You will be able to choose from a number of SBI credit card offerings including premium, travel and rewards credit card. You can find out the status for application on important documents by reading the guide posted on our site. Please check out our other posts that offers guidance on checking the PAN card and Aadhar card update status. You can social bookmark the site on the social media. You can find out how to know your SBI credit card status online. You can write a letter with all your questions and email to the Indiapancard customer desk using the contact us form.

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