Guide on How to Track the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Claim Status

Inquiring the Status of Your EPFO Claim

Don’t go anywhere if you are interested in learning how to check your EPFO claim status. Employees who have already submitted the claim for the provident fund can track the withdrawal status of their EPFO claim. You don’t have to go to the EPFO office to send in the form for inquiring the EPFO claim status. Actually, you can easily track the EPF claim status in just a few minutes with your computer. EPFO has provided many other online facilities to improve the experiences of the members of the EPF. There are many different types of facilities at the EPF login portal. You can find out your PF balance status when you sign up at the portal. The post offers guide on tracking the PF claim status online. You must prepare the PF account number in order to track the provident fund application status.


Employees provident fund is an important retirement saving scheme for employees who are working with their employers in India. If you change your workplace, you have the option to transfer or withdraw the PF account. There is a portal were you can check the epf balance status. All EPFO claim status can be tracked online regardless of the branch where you send in the claim. The procedure for submitting the EPF claim has been made easier and you can now check the claim status. By checking the claim status, you will know if there is anything wrong with the application. Tracking the claim status allows you to withdraw your PF funds faster.


Tracking the Status of your EPF Claim at

At the EPFO portal, there is an online facility called KYCS (know your claims status)  that allows you to track your EPF claim status. You can visit the link at to check the EPF claim status. Go to the link below and follow the instructions that have been outlined below:

    1. Go to the tracking page by clicking on the given link and click on “Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status” link at the bottom of the page.
    2. Choose your state and begin the search for the establishment code by selecting the Search for Establishment Code option
    3. If you know your EPFO office region, you can select it from under Establishment Under Office.
    4. The full list of regions along with their respective establishment code will appear on the screen. The establishment code consists of 7 digits. Some establishment code contains a 3 digit extension code.
    5. You don’t have to fill in the extension code field if you couldn’t find it in the PF account number
    6. Provide the correct region and office codes
    7. Type in the Establishment code and extension code
    8. Type in the EPF account number
    9. Press the Submit button

The EPFO claim status will appear on the screen. You should read the status message to find out the progress of your PF withdrawal claim. The EPFO portal will also link the PF account to the insurance policy you have subscribed. You can pay for your insurance policy premium by using the funds in your PF account. To do so, you must first sign up at your EPF account. The EPFO portal offers a variety of online facilities. The PRAN card number can be linked to the PF account. It can speed up the process of your PF withdrawal.

You can track your PF claim status online by submitting a form offline. You will have to download the form online and print it out and fill in the details before submitting to the local EPF office. You can go to the EPF office to request for the form if you don’t want to download it online. EPFO India only provide EPF services to employees who have joined the EPF. Every company in India with at least 20 employees is required to sign up at the EPFO. The EPFO portal also provide many useful facilities for employers. Both employers and employees who are members of the EPF can access the login facility. Employers can submit the EPF payment at the EPFO online portal. The KYCS facility at EPFO has been a great help to employees who want to track the EPFO claim status. You can read our blog posts on how to perform status checks for different types of applications. You can track for the voter id status, LIC policy status, passport status online. You can visit the Indiapancard portal to get the latest updates.

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