Guide on Tracking Your UAN Status at the Official EPFO/PF Site Online

Checking Your UAN Status and Validating Your UAN Registration Online

If you join the EPF, you can learn how to check your UAN status on this guide. Those who have joined the EPFO will have to validate the universal account number. You can go to the EPFO portal to validate the UAN. You will be able to get access to a lot of facilities once you have validated the UAN. Every person who join the EPFO will receive a special UAN number that is different from one another. The UAN number is a unique number that contains 12 digits. The number has a validity that lasts for the entire duration of the lifespan of the employee. You will be using the same number no matter if you change your job. You can track your UAN status if you have become a PF member but did not yet get any UAN number. Employees can also know their UAN status by asking their employers. The post offers a detailed guide on how to track your account status with the universal account number. You can find the complete instructions on checking the UAN status at the official EPF (Employees Provident Fund) portal.


There are many UAN facilities that can be accessed for free. Employees are allowed to link their UAN to their Aadhar and PAN cards. They can also link their UAN to their bank accounts. It allows the employees to conveniently withdraw funds from their PF. You are to use the same UAN number even if you change your workplace. Most of the universal account numbers are issued to employees. You must ask your employee to give you the UAN number. You can follow the instructions below to check the UAN status if you haven’t yet receive the UAN number. It is not necessary to go to your employer when you want to check the UAN status.

How to Track the UAN Status Online

You must get ready the EPF member ID if you want to check the UAN status. The EPF member ID contains 22 digits and each member will get a unique number. You must visit the EPFO login page if you want to know more about it. You must remember to prepare the number when you are tracking the UAN status. You can follow the instructions below to track the UAN (Universal Account Number) status.

    1. Go to the Know your UAN status page:
    2. Select your region and state from the drop down menu.
    3. The first two fields for the region state will automatically get filled in with the abbreviation.
    4. Enter the establishment code, extension code and account number
    5. It is not mandatory to fill in the extension code
    6. Please visit the following link if you don’t know what to fill in the establishment code field:
    7. Press the Check Status button
    8. The UAN status message is now displayed on the screen. The status message will let you know whether they have issued the UAN number to you.

Ask them to generate it for you if the status message states that the UAN number is not yet issued. You can follow the instructions on the right side to send the SMS text messages and get a generated code. Fill in all the required fields with your personal information such as name, date of birth and the number of your registered mobile phone. Type in the password and fill the Captcha code field. Press the ‘Get PIN’ button. The PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone. Fill in the PIN field and press the submit button. They will send you a SMS text message after they have generated the UAN. They usually take 7 days to generate the UAN code.

Validating the EPF UAN Registration

Please visit the following link to validate your UAN registration. You can follow the instructions given in the guide to check your UA status after your UAN registration is validated.

Employees will be more independent when they have a UAN account. You can go to the portal to retrieve information about your PF account at the portal. You won’t have to go to the employer and ask him for information on your EPF account. The monthly e-passbook of your EPF account will be available for download. You should be tracking your UAN status and you can also access the facilities that allow you to update the details on your account. Some of the important facilities for employees include EPF claim status, UAN status and PF balance. offers helpful guide that teach you how to track your application status. You can always come back to our blog to refer PAN card status and Aadhar card update status.

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