Guide to Tracking the Status of Your HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Online

You will find out how you can track the HDFC Bank credit card status with the reference number and check the Status of HDFC Bank Credit Card Application.

Checking the Status of Your HDFC Credit Card Application online:

The guide will teach you how to perform a HDFC bank credit card status check. Many people in India apply for the HDFC credit card. HDFC is the second leading bank owned by private entities in India. The bank offers a selection of financial services across India. It is very easy to track your HDFC credit card application status. You will find out how you can track the HDFC credit card status with the reference number. The guide provides a complete instruction on how to submit an online HDFC application. The facility for tracking the credit card status can be found at The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. offers coverage on how to track the status of different types of documents such as like PAN card, LIC policy, PRAN card and Aadhar card. Many people need to have access to banking services so we have provided guides on how to tracking HDFC application status.

The bank role in the economy sector in India is important. The bank offers a number of banking services including personal and commercial banking services. HDFC has provided a lot of facilities on its portal. With the HDFC credit card, you can shop at many different locations without the use of cash when you are traveling. You can access the facility to make payment for the bills and conveniently shop at online stores that accept the card. Cardholders can apply for a loan through the credit card and make the repayment via EMIs. Please follow the instructions on this page for HDFC credit card status check. You can find the customer support numbers at portal. You can go to this link to find the customer support number that you need.


How to Use Application Reference Number to Check the HDFC Credit Card Status

You will have to enter your personal details when you are submitting a HDFC credit card application. The same personal information must be entered when you want to know your HDFC credit card status. Follow the instructions below to find out about your HDFC bank credit card status.

    1. Go to the HDFC portal:
    2. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the page for tracking the HDFC credit card application status.
    3. You can also access the online facility yourself by going to You must navigate to the product options.
    4. Click on credit card and you will be redirected to a new page. You will see some links under the Credit Card Benefits on the page.
    5. You will find a link that point to the tracking page called Track your Credit Card Application Status.
    6. Enter the required information in the 3 different fields on the tracking page.
    7. Enter the application reference number which contains 16 digits
    8. Type in the number of your registered phone number, the same number that you provide when you submit the HDFC credit card application
    9. Type in the birthdate in the final field
    10. Press the submit button

Dial the HDFC Credit Card Customer Support Toll Free Number

The HDFC credit card status will appear on the screen. The message status will let you know in what stage is the processing of your HDFC credit card application. There are 3 types of HDFC credit card status including dispatched, unable to find any record or application has been rejected. We will teach you how you can find out your HDFC bank credit card status without connection to internet.

You can dial the following hotline number to check the HDFC bank credit card status if you don’t want to access the online facility:

  • 1800 425 4332

You can call the hotline number listed above to talk to a representative at HDFC bank. The customer support representative will let you know about your credit card application status while on the phone.

You can also send an enquiry letter in snail mail to the following address if you are facing problem in HDFC credit card application:

HDFC Grievance Redressal Officer, HDFC Bank Cards Division, 8 Lattice Bridge Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041.

They will write back to you in 10 days. You can personally visit the office if you want. There are also other portals where you can submit the HDFC credit card bill payment online.

Submitting the HDFC Credit Card Application Online

There are only a few steps that you need to follow when submitting the HDFC credit card application. You can visit the following link to complete the application.

You have to enter all the necessary information in the blank fields. It will let you know whether you meet the minimum requirements for applying the card. You can find out about your HDFC credit card status by following the instructions given above after you have submitted the application.

Many people are finding out how they can check their HDFC credit card status. There are a few types of credit cards that HDFC is offering. You can choose from a variety of credit cards including cash back, Jet privilege, Diners club and premium credit cards. You can visit the HDFC bank portal to learn more information. You can dial the toll free customer support number of the HDFC bank to learn more about the range of credit cards they offer. We have listed the toll free customer support telephone number above. You can make use of the online facility to check your HDFC credit card status and spend money without having to use cash. Those who have joined the LIC policy can refer to the post that guide you on how to track the LIC policy status.

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