Guide to Tracking Your Passport Application Status Online and Offline

Tracking the Status of Your Passport Application at

Passport is a crucial document to take along with you when you want to travel to another country. You can read the guide on how to track passport status if you have just submitted the passport application. You will learn about everything you need to know about checking your passport status so that it is easier for you to submit the application. There are also posts on how to check PAN card and Aadhar card application status. offers all kinds of guides on how to check the statuses of the application of important documents. On this guide, you will learn how to track your passport status. You are just a few clicks away from knowing your passport application status. The official portal offers many different facilities for you to track the passport application status. The process of applying a passport has been accelerated so you can get your passport sooner.


Besides tracking the passport, you will also find out the solutions to the majority of the frequently asked questions about passport status. Those who are waiting for their passports to be ready can use the online tracking facility to track the passport status. Tracking the passport status allows you to find out the reason why you haven’t receive your passport. Read on to find out when you should start tracking the passport status. The post also provides complete guide on how to check the passport status when you don’t have access to the internet. You can follow the instructions provided below to find out the estimated time when your passport will arrive. You must get ready the 15 digit number if you want to check your passport status. After you have submitted the passport application, you will receive the acknowledgment number.

How to Go to the Passport Seva Portal to Track the Passport Status Online

You can track your passport application status after waiting for at least 5 days. Here is simplified instructions on checking your passport status online:

    1. Go to passport seva
    2. Choose passport/PCC/IC under application type
    3. Enter the 15 digit number on the passport application and birthdate
    4. Enter the birthdate exactly as the birthdate you entered in the passport application
    5. Press the track status button

It is important to check the passport status. The status message will show the progress of your passport application. You will know whether you have submitted the passport application correctly and know what needs to be done to rectify the issue. It will let you know what documents are missing if you fail to submit the complete documents. Please read the posts on our blog if you want to find out about the pan card status and uidai status.

How to Check Your Passport Application Status When You Don’t Have Internet Connection

You can check your passport status even when you dont have access to internet. If you cannot access internet at the moment, you can track your passport application status by sending a SMS text message or call the nearest office branch.

How to Send SMS Text Messages to Track Your Passport Status

You can find out the passport status by sending a simple text messages to the following number:

Send a SMS text message to the number 970 4100 100 in the following texting format
STATUS <your 15 digit file number>

The status message of your passport application will be SMS to your mobile phone within a short while.

If you check the passport status online, the status message will appear immediately. Using the online passport status tracking facility is the best method for checking the passport status online. There is a complete guide at ipassportstatus India site.

How to Track Your Passport Application Status by SMS or Calling the Nearest Branch

When you are filling in the form, you must remember to choose the SMS service. It is possible to sign up for the passport alert SMS service after the application is submitted. When you login into, you will see the Enroll for SMS Service menu.

Another method to track the passport application status is to make a phone call to the passport seva kendra or the passport office in your region where you have applied for the passport application. The passport application status can also be tracked when you make a phone call to the national call center at 1800 258 1800.

It is easy to track your passport status no matter if you have internet connection. You must get ready the file number. You must make sure you have the file number with you when you want to track the passport status online. The instructions above also applies if you want to track the application status of the duplicate/renewal passport. You must present the passport document when you are traveling and it is also sometimes used as an identity proof document. It can take some time to receive the passport after you have send in the application. Often, the delay is due to some documents that are missing in your application. You can submit a police report if you lost your passport. You should know about the law. We hope that you can follow up on the instructions provided in this guide. We try to make the instructions for checking the passport application status easy to understand. Checking the passport status can help you to get the passport fast. Those who have applied for the passport will find the information in the post helpful. Follow to learn more about the status and updates of government applications.

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