Guide to Verifying the PAN Card Online

How to Verify Your PAN Card Online

This tutorial will teach you how to verify your PAN details with just your name or birthdate. As you know, you need the PAN number to verify the PAN details of a person. PAN details can also be verified when you have the name or address. Any person or firm can access the PAN card verification facility to perform verification. You can get a quick overview on the personal details of an individual or a company by entering the PAN number into the facility at the income tax department site. PAN card is a handy tool for the government to check the financial transactions that are carried out by person and to make sure he pays the income tax. You will learn a few methods to verify your PAN number and you will also learn how to use PAN number and your name to verify your PAN details.

PAN Verification is useful for verifying the identity of the PAN card holder. The card is linked to the income tax department and records important information on the transactions that are carried out by an individual or firm. This includes all kinds of transactions for example, tax, FBT returns, and TDS returns. UTI provides a facility for bulk verification of the PAN. You can read the guide to apply for pan card if you are interested in a basic tutorial that guide you step by step in the PAN card application procedure. The PAN bulk facility can be accessed by schools and for profit organizations such as financial institutions, and insurance providers.


How to Verify Your PAN with PAN Number

If you have the PAN number of a third party, you can verify his/her PAN information. The PAN card verification can be carried out at several places including NSDL, UTI and income tax. With the PAN number, you can go to the income tax e-filling site to verify personal details such as name, address and domiciles.

    1. Visit the official portal for income tax e-filling and select the Know Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer option.
    2. Type in the PAN number
    3. Fill in the captcha code
    4. Press the submit button
    5. It will display the full name of the individual or company and the jurisdiction

On the screen, you will see the PAN card details such as full name of the PAN card holder including the family name as well as the domicile. Many companies have find this online facility helpful when they are verifying the people that they want to hire as employees.

How to Find Your PAN Number with Name and Birthdate

Know your PAN is a PAN card verification facility that anyone can access for free at the e-filling site. You can retrieve the PAN number by providing personal details such as birthdate and surname.

  1. Click here to go to the income tax e-filling site’s facility called Know your PAN page
  2. There are two mandatory fields including surname and birthdate
  3. Choose your birthdate
  4. Type your surname and make sure it is entered correctly with no spelling mistake
  5. Type in your middle name and first name
  6. Enter the captcha code
  7. Press the submit button


The majority of the chartered accountant will verify your details with this portal. It is advised that you use this portal as well. For most people, their cards are linked to their registered email address. the chartered accountant will be using email of their own. It is advised that you don’t use the CA email but use your own registered email.

You can also verify your PAN details and details of all the transactions you have carried out at the NSDL and UTI portal. You can find out the NSDL pan status and UTI pan status.

Why PAN Verification is a Valuable Tool?

PAN verification facility can prove useful when the data on the PAN card does not matched with the ITD data. You can learn about your PAN card no. by providing your name and date of birth. Banks and financial institutions will find the bulk PAN verification facility a handy tool. It is important to get any error on the PAN card fixed as soon as possible. You can fill and submit the pan card correction form at the NSDL/UTI portal if there are some mistake data that you want to be corrected.

You can use the PAN verification facility for your own use as well as to verify the PAN details of other people. In this way, you will know whether it is safe to go ahead in a transaction with the other party. PAN card is an important tool to the Income Tax Department.

Many procedures can now be completed online including submitting payment for tax, IT e-filling and applying for PAN card. The government has provided a variety of online services to provide assistance for users. Anyone who wish to know the status of his/her PAN card application can easily do so online. The post aims to educate you on obtaining your PAN number. The PAN card verification facility has been a valuable facility to many individuals and firms for the verification of the personal details of a third party. You can quickly retrieve your PAN number with the online facility when you don’t have it with you. It enables you to verify the personal details in the ITD database.

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