How to Learn about the Status of Your ICICI Credit Card Application

Tracking the Status of Your ICICI Credit Card Application

You should be tracking your ICICI credit card status. You can check your ICICI credit card status if you have internet connection. Credit card allows you to buy all sorts of things without having to carry cash in hands. ICICI provides financial services all over the country. There are over 4500 ICICI ATM in India. It also has over 13,000 branches operating in different states. It is getting increasingly common for people to do their shopping online and this has contributed to the increasing number of people that are applying for credit cards. You can read on to learn how to track your status online. You can also check the transactions that you have charged onto the card. The guide will provide information on how to check the SBI and HDFC credit card application status. Please don’t go anywhere and keep on reading to find out how you can apply for a ICICI credit card. The instructions for tracking the ICICI credit card application status is brief. You will be able to save time and get what you want quickly if you follow our brief guide.

ICICI bank offers a variety of credit cards with different features and perks. Some cards it offers allows the cardholders to earn rewards points. The most popular credit ICICI cards is the credit card that uses platinum chip and the coral credit cards. You can read the guide on how to submit an online application if you have decided to apply for the ICICI credit card. Our blog has list the guideline on submitting the ICICI credit card application. You must wait for at least one week to check the ICICI credit card status. There are a few information you have to enter into the form before you can see the status message. There is no need to make a phone call to the ICICI bank to ask about the credit card application status.



How to Know the Status of Your ICICI Credit Card Application

It takes 21 business days for your ICICI card application to be processed. You must remember to check your ICICI credit card status seven days from the date of submission. Your application should be processed by this time if you did send in the important documents.

How to Check the ICICI Credit Card Status Online

  1. Go to the ICICI site:
  2. Look for Track Application Status on the navigation menu
  3. Click on it and you will be redirected to the tracking page for the applications of loans and credit cards.
  4. Type in the application ID and the number of your registered phone number
  5. Make sure you enter the exact same mobile phone number as the one in the application form.
  6. Press the submit button and the ICICI status message will be shown on the screen

The application ID and mobile phone number you provide on the tracking page must be exactly the same as the ones that have been entered the application form.

How to Check the ICICI Bank Credit Card Status

You can see the personal details you use in applying for the card online.The instructions below can teach you how to check the ICICI bank credit card status:

    1. Go here:
    2. Select Your Applications
    3. The login window will appear. Click on don’t have an account if you do not yet have an account.
    4. You can login with your email and password.
    5. You will be able to see the ICICI credit card status upon logging in.

Dial the ICICI Customer Support Toll Free Number

You can dial the following telephone number to ask about the status of your ICICI credit card application status

  • 1800 102 4242

This is the telephone number that you should call if you have any question about the credit card. You won’t get charged with any fee since it is a toll free telephone number.

Submitting an ICICI Bank Credit Card Application

You can go to portal if you want to find out about the minimum requirements for getting approved in the ICICI credit card application. You can find out the various credit card offerings and their perks under the credit card menu. Each credit card comes with a different range of features. There is no fee for applying the ICICI credit card and it does not limit you on how much rewards points you can earn. You will get to earn freebies such as vouchers and gifts when you applying for the credit card. Applicants can now go to the ICICI bank portal to submit their applications for ICICI credit card online. You must choose which type of credit card you want to apply and enter the necessary information. It allows you to attach the scanned copy of the important documents and submit it along with the online credit card application.

You can travel to the local ICICI bank branch to submit the credit card application. If you follow all the steps outlined above, you will be able to know your ICICI credit card status. You must read and understand what the status message means. You can expect for the card to arrive in your mail within a time frame of 7 – 8 days if the status message says “approved”. You can spread the word about our blog by sharing it on your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and G+. You should let them know that they can also check the status of their ICICI credit card applications in a few clicks. When you have the credit card, you can enjoy the convenience of spending money without having to carry cash in your wallet and you should subscribe to our blog to get the latest information about the online facilities. You can check out our blog posts on Aadhar card, passport and LIC policy application status. You can dial the hotline to talk to a customer support representative if you have any issue. They can provide the correct answers to your questions. You can find the toll free number on icici credit card customer care portal.

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