How to Track Aadhar Card Status with Name or Acknowledgment Number at the UIDAI Portal

Tracking Aadhar Card Status with Name

You will find the facility for tracking Aadhar card status at or This guide will teach you how to track Aadhar Card Status by name or with the use of an enrollment ID number. Applicants who apply for the Aadhar card in the local Aadhar card center will get an acknowledgment receipt. On the receipt, you will find an acknowledgment number that contain 28 digits. The first 14 digits is your acknowledgment number while the rest of the 14 digits is a record of the time/date when you get enrolled. It is very easy to track the Aadhar status when you know your acknowledgment number. It is all right if you don’t have the acknowledgment number with you because you have the option to track by name. It is harder to track the status with name. The guide has outlined the instructions for tracking Aadhar card status with enrollment ID number.

Lots of people have already registered for Aadhar card. There are still many people who will be registering for the card every day. It is a very important card because you can link your UID number to LPG. The Aadhar card can also be linked to the account you have opened at the bank, EPF savings account as well as PAN card. The government has made the announcement that they will soon link the Aadhar card to the passport. You can use the card as an identity proof for your entire life. It contains important personal information and scans of physical attributes. Although one is not obliged to have the card, it has become a popular card that is used in identity proof. The post is helpful for those who are still waiting for the UID and hoping to receive it soon. The Indian government may make it compulsory to possess the card in the near future because it is linked to the UID project. It is important that you know how to track your Aadhar card status by name online.

Using Your Enrollment ID to Track the Aadhar Card Status

The outlined steps are easy to follow. You can click on the link provided below to quickly track the Aadhar card status.

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Type in the enrollment ID number
  3. Enter the exact date and time as stated in the acknowledgment receipt
  4. Enter the Captcha code
  5. Press the Check Status button

The Aadhar card status will display on he screen. Any issue with your application will be displayed on the screen. In the following subheading, you will learn how to track Aadhar status by name.

How Can You Track Your Aadhar Card Status with Name and Birthdate

You can find out your Aadhar status even when you do not have the acknowledgment receipt with you. It is going to take a couple of minutes if you choose this tracking method. There are two steps to track your Aadhar card status by name. First of all, you must get your enrollment ID number online. Afterwards, you can use the enrollment ID number to check the Aadhar status.

How to Obtain the OTP Password

  1. Click on the link:
  2. Tick the Enrollment No (EID no) checkbox which is located beneath You Want to receive your lost
  3. Enter the complete name and email address in the appropriate fields
  4. If you don’t want to provide your email address, you can enter your mobile phone number. It is up to you to fill in both the email address and mobile phone number fields.
  5. Enter the Captcha code and press the Get OTP button
  6. The OTP password has been sent to your mobile phone or email address.

How to Get Back Your Enrollment ID and Track Aadhar Status

  1. Check your email/mobile phone SMS and type in the OTP password accordingly
  2. Press the Verify OTP button
  3. The Enrollment ID will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS or email inbox.
  4. Go to the UIDAI portal
  5. Type in the enrollment ID along with the date/time you get enrolled
  6. The enrollment ID is in the first 14 digits. The last 14 digits reflect the date/time when you get enrolled
  7. Type in the Captcha code
  8. Press the Get Status button


Your Aadhar card status will be displayed online. You can contact a customer representative at Aadhar card kendra or talk with the local officials if you face issue in tracking the Aadhar card status by name or enrollment ID.

There are lots of other facilities at the portal apart from the facility for tracking Aadhar card status. The e-Aadhar card can be downloaded online and updates on the Aadhar card can also be carried out online. Our blog aims to provide helpful information that will guide you in tracking the Aadhar card status by name and you can browse our blog to find information on how to track the status for different types of applications. You are welcomed to write to us about any question you have regarding the Aadhar status in the comment box. Our blog has shared a lot of helpful information with readers. You can social bookmark our blog and share it with your friends.

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