How to Track the PAN Card Status Online

Tracking the PAN Card Status

Are you hoping for your PAN card to arrive in your mail now? You can track the PAN card status online if you have already submitted the PAN card application. On our blog, you can find posts about how to track your PAN card status regardless of whether you have submitted the application at NSDL or UTI portal. We have outlined the steps on how to track the PAN application status. It only take a few minutes to track your PAN card status online. It will prompt you to enter the 15 digit acknowledgment number or your name when you want to track your PAN card application status. The PAN card status will be displayed on the screen once you have submitted the number on your application receipt. The guide will teach you how to track status of the Permanent Account number that you just applied. The same steps that are outlined here can be used to track PAN card correction application.


Any individual or firm is eligible for applying PAN card. The plastic card is used as an identity proof and contains a unique identification number that is made up of alphabets and numbers. PAN card is necessary when you want to perform a financial transaction. It is an important document that you must present when you want to redeem the benefits like EPF. Lots of people have already applied for PAN card and they are now waiting for it to arrive in their mails. The following step by step instruction will guide you on how to track your PAN card status. We are open to help you with any issue that you are facing.

What Do You Know about PAN Status

PAN Status is the online facility that you must access in order to track the PAN card status. You can use this facility to learn about your PAN card delivery status. By checking your PAN status, you know whether there is any issue with your PAN application, for example, you fail to include an important document in your application.

Is It Possible to Use Your Name to Track Your PAN card Status

You don’t need to prepare the acknowledgment number to track your PAN card status. An easy to use facility has been made available online for you to check your PAN status without the acknowledgment number. Instead, it will ask you for your full name and birthdate before displaying the online PAN card status.

When is the Best Time to Start Tracking Your PAN Application Status

You should not be too rush into checking your PAN card status if it is less than a week after you have submitted the application. They will take a minimum of 5 days to upload your personal information on the PAN card. It is recommended that you wait at least 5 days after submitting the application to track your PAN card status.

How to Track Your NSDL PAN Card Status

Please click on the NSDL link below to track your PAN card status at the NSDL portal.


    1. Clicking on the link will redirect you to the PAN Card Status tracking page at NSDL.
    2. Choose PAN New/Change Request
    3. It offers two tracking methods: The first method is to track with your acknowledgment number. The second method is to track with your name and birthdate.
    4. Enter your acknowledgment number which should contain 15 digits in the appropriate field
    5. You can opt to enter your name and birthdate if you don’t have the acknowledgment number
    6. Press the Submit button
    7. Read the PAN status message that is displayed on the screen
    8. The PAN status message will let you know in which stage your PAN card application is.

How to Check Your PAN Application Status at UTI Portal

Applicants who have applied for the PAN card will receive a coupon number that contains 10 digits. The coupon number is regarded as the acknowledgment number.

UTI PAN Status Enquiry Portal

  1. Click on the link above to go to the tracking page located at the UTI official site
  2. Type in your coupon number which should contains 10 digits
  3. Press the Submit button and it will display your PAN card application status

It is not that hard to track your PAN card application status. You can leave a comment in the comment box if you are having problem.

Customer Support Telephone Numbers for PAN Card Application

Please call the telephone numbers below if you are facing problem with the UTI PAN card application.

UTI PAN Card Customer Care Numbers:

Toll Free Number: 1800 22006
Mumbai: 022-67931300 / 301 / 302 or 022-67931303 / 304
Kolkata: 033 – 22108959 / 22424774
Chennai 044 – 22500426 / 22500183
New Delhi – 011 23741282/3/4/5/6

NSDL Customer Care Numbers

Please dial the telephone number if you face problem with your NSDL PAN application.

PAN Call Centre number of NSDL: 020 – 2721 8080

The telephone number above is the same telephone number found at the NSDL and UTI portals. The telephone number may have been changed at the time you are reading so you should check the official portals yourself. You can read a more detailed guide about PAN card at

It is important that applicants know how to track their PAN card status. The online facility has helped to ease the anxiousness of applicants who are waiting for their PAN card. The same instructions outlined above can be used for tracking the PAN card correction/duplicate application. You can leave a message in the comment box if you feel that the guide offers valuable information. You can leave a comment about any question you have in comment box. Our blog also provide posts on Aadhar card status, PF status, and Passport status. Come back to our blog if you need information on how to check status for different types of applications and don’t forget to share our blog with your friends.

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