How to Track the Status of Your LIC Policy at

The Status of Your LIC Policy

Many people in India has applied for LIC policies to get coverage from various types of emergencies that could happen in the near future. You can track your LIC Policy Status online. When you track your LIC policy status, you will be able to know how much reimbursement you will get. If you fail to make on time repayment and lapse in your policy, you will experience delay of the claim. You don’t hav eto go to the LIC office to know your policy status. It is more convenient to track the LIC policy status online. You must visit the official portal at to track your LIC premium status online. Many people neglect to track the status of their life insurance policy. If you regularly check your policy status, you will know whether you qualified for any bonus and be informed about any update on the policy. The guide offers instructions on how to track the LIC policy status.

Life Insurance Corporation is a public life insurance company based in India. You will be required to enter your policy number when tracking the LIC policy status. You can track the LIC premium status online and offline. Only those who have registered at the portal will be able to access the online facility. The instructions on how to register at the portal has been provided in this guide. You must remember to go through every single detail about the policy and track its status once you have registered at the portal. The LIC portal was set up to educate the policy holders on all aspects of the policy.


Tracking the LIC Policy Status Online

The first step is to register at the portal. Registered members can login directly at the login page by clicking on the registered tab. New users can follow the instructions to get themselves registered at the LIC portal. The link to the official portal is already given.

Getting Yourself Registered

  1. Go to the official LIC policy status portal:
  2. Click on LIC’s e-Services button
  3. Click on New User
  4. Enter all the required information in the fields including policy number, email address, premium, registered mobile phone number
  5. Tick the mobile phone number confirmation checkbox
  6. Press the proceed button once you have already entered your details
  7. You can now enter your preferred user name and password

Tracking the Status of Your Policy Following Account Registration

  1. Once you have completed the registration, you can go to the login page
  2. Press the Registered User button to login to your new account
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Press the Go button
  5. Select the Policy Tools option on the right side bar
  6. Select the View enrolled policies option
  7. Select your policy number to see the status
  8. Click on column of vested bonus if you want to find out the vested bonus in the LIC policy

You can conveniently make payment for your premium via the Pay Premium Online option. You will be able to obtain information about loans, how much premiums you must pay, due date of the policy once you have registered for an account.

Dial the Hotline Number or Send SMS Text Message to Check Your LIC Policy Status

You can take a pen and write down the telephone number below if you want to track the LIC policy status offline. You can also check the status by sending a SMS text message to the following number:

  • Call the number 1251 to track your LIC policy status (the telephone support for tracking the LIC policy status is available in a number of cities)
  • Send a SMS text message to the number 56767877 in the format of ASKLIC <your policy number> DESIRED CODE

The desired code is where you must input the correct code for the type of services you are looking for. The following is a table of the codes and their meanings.

Information Desired code to be mentioned in SMS 
To know premium amount PREMIUM
To know the revival amount of lapsed policy REVIVAL
To know the vested bonus BONUS
For knowing nomination details of your policy

Many people have signed up for more than one LIC policies. Complete information about teh customer support centers are available on icustomercare official site. If you buy the LIC policy, you must always up to date with your LIC policy status. Regularly checking your policy status ensures that that you are kept informed on all the changes of your policy. You can save a lot of lakhs in transportation fee when you use the online facility at the portal. You don’t have to spend money to travel to the local branch to make payment for the premiums. There are still a lot of people that haven’t make full use of the facility. You can share the post with your friends, coworkers and family members. You can also learn how to perform other types of status checks at

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