How to Track the UID Status Online at the UIDAI Portal

Tracking the UIDAI Status

Did you submit your Aadhar card application? You have landed on the right site. In this guide, you will learn how to track your UIDAI status. You will learn how to track your UID status online and offline. The instructions for the Aadhar card application is written in an easy to understand way and the links to the official sites are included. Our blog provides detailed guide on tracking the status of different types of important applications. You can find post on how to track the PAN card and passport status. The unique identification authority in India is responsible for the Aadhar card enrollment. You have to wait for at least 2 – 3 months to receive the Aadhar card. You are advised to use the online facility to track your UIDAI status online especially if you are hoping to receive the card as soon as possible. Checking the UIDAI status allows you to know if there is anything wrong with your application. For example, you may have forgotten to submit some important documents in your Aadhar card application.

Applicants will get an acknowledgment receipt after applying for the Aadhar card. The acknowledgment receipt contains 14 digits. You will need to prepare the acknowledgment number when tracking the UIDAI status online or offline. It is better to get ready the acknowledgment number even though there is no issue in tracking your UIDAI status without it. The post will provide an easy to follow instructions on how to check UIDAI status by name and acknowledgment number. You can find various types of online facilities at  portal. It is important to know how to check your UID status. You can download the e-Aadhar card online. The post offers guide on how to check UIDAI status online or with your mobile phone.


Instructions on Using Your Name or Enrollment ID to Track the UIDAI Status Online

There is an online facility that allows you to track your Aadhar card status at the official portal. It is recommended that you track the Aadhar card with an acknowledgment number if you didn’t forgot where you put the acknowledgment receipt. You can track the UIDAI status by name if you have misplaced the receipt. The following is the instructions on how to track your UIDAI status with name and enrollment ID.

Use Your Enrollment ID Number to Track the UIDAI Status Online

1. Go to You can also get the link to the Aadhar card portal at our complete guide on Aadhar card status by name tracking
2. Type in the enrollment ID number as well as the date/time when you get enrolled
3. Enter the captcha code
4.Press the check status button

The UID status is shown on your computer screen. The status message will let you know the status of your application. By reading the status message, you will know the reason why your enrollment is delayed, for example, failure to submit all the necessary documents. You can talk to a representative at the Aadhar card enrollment center if you face problem.

Provide Your Name to Track the UIDAI Status

If you do not have the enrollment ID number, the only way to check the UIDAI status is to provide your name. The instructions involved getting back your enrollment ID number. Afterwards, you can enter the enrollment ID to find out about your UID status.
1. Go to
2. Tick the enrollment ID number option below you want to receive your lost
3. Type in the full name and email ID in the respective fields. It is up to you to provide your mobile phone number in the form.
4. Hit the Get OTP button after entering the captcha code
5. Check your phone SMS inbox or email inbox for the OTP
6. Type in the OTP as seen in your SMS or email
7. Press the verify OTP button

The enrollment ID will be sent to your email address or mobile phone SMS inbox following the verification of the OTP. You will notice that the first 14 digits represents the enrollment ID while the remaining 14 digits is the timestamp when you get enrolled. You will use the enrollment ID to track the UIDAI stats. We have outlined the steps below:
1. Go to the Aadhar card official portal:
2. Type in the enrollment ID number. You must also type in the date/time when you are enrolled
3. Enter the capcha code carefully
4. Press the check status button

The UIDAI status message will appear on the screen. Go through the entire status message to find out the stage of the processing of your Aadhar application.

Sending SMS Text Message to Check UIDAI Status

You can track the Aadhar card status with SMS if you don’t have internet connection. It is very easy to track your Aadhar card status with SMS and it only take a short while to do this. Firstly, you must send a SMS to the following number

Send SMS text message to the number: 51969

Texting format of the SMS:  UID STATUS<your 14 digit enrollment number>

The Aadhar card number which contains 12 digits will be sent to you while they are preparing your Aadhar card to send it to you. You will only receive the 12 digit Aadhar card number if you send an SMS with a mobile phone number that is registered. You will only see the Aadhar card status message if you are sending a SMS with an unregistered mobile phone number. The status message will be displayed if your Aadhar card application is in the middle of processing. The complete guide is made available here.

You can contact the local Aadhar enrollment center if it has been a long time you are waiting for your Aadhar card to arrive. You can go to the portal to check the updates on the Aadhar card. There are various types of facilities at the official site and you may be confused as to which facility to use. On this blog, we provide the official links for the tracking page of UIDAI status. aims to provides simplified instructions to check pan card status as well as the status of other types of applications such as Aadhar hard. You can keep coming back to this blog and share the blog with your friends and family members.

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