How to Know Your UTIITSL PAN Status Online

Finding Out Your UTI PAN Card Status Online

On this page, you will find all the information you need for checking your UTI PAN crd status. You can go to the UTIITSL site and track the PAN card status yourself. We have prepared the step by step instructions and give you all the tips on tracking your your PAN card status. The post lists the URL of the official UTI PAN card along with easy to follow steps. Everyone who wants to carry out a transaction including individual and company need to have PAN card. It acts as a proof to the government that the transaction that the individual or company is carrying out is legitimate. Every individual and company must pay income tax which is a tax taken from the earnings accumulated in the year. Both individual and company are the approved entities for applying the PAN (Permanent Account Number) card, a laminated plastic card. UTI Infrastructure and Technology Limited is licensed by the government for online PAN card application.

The Permanent Account Number can’t be changed no matter in what circumstances and you can use the same number in all of India. Each individual will get a unique PAN number. You can become familiar in how to track your UTI PAN card status with our easy to follow instruction. We will offer guidance for anyone who don’t understand about the steps in tracking the UTI PAN card status and also offer explanations on all the PAN card status messages. You will find that it is an easy thing to track NSDL pan status.

How to Know Your PAN Card Status UTIITSL

It is very easy to know the UTI PAN card status of the PAN card you have applied via the UTI portal and we have provided detailed steps along with the necessary links to make the procedure as easy as possible. The first thing you want to do is to obtain a UTI PAN card application form. You can go to the next step if you have already submitted the UTIITSL PAN card application form.

Click here to know the UTIITSL PAN Card Status:

You must first choose the type of application and then type in the acknowledgment number. If you are applying for correction in the PAN card data, the option you should choose should be CSF. If this is the first time you are applying PAN card and you are searching for a guide to apply for pan card online, you can follow the guide that is already posted on our site.

The type of application you choose depends on why you apply for the PAN card. You should choose new PAN card application if you are applying for the first time and want to apply for a new card.

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited is an organization run under the government that provide various financial and technology services.

You can reach the customer support of UTI by calling its toll free number at 1800220306.


Finding the Nearest PAN Card Application Center

You can apply for new/correction/duplicate PAN card at the UTI portal. You can click on the UTIITSL link below to find details  about the UTI PAN Card Application centers.

> PAN card application center

How to Search for the PAN AO Code

You can find out more information on the PAN card application center by choosing your state and city in the link listed above. The full address and contact information to the PAN card application center that is situated nearest to your place can be found at the UTIITSL link listed above.

> AO Code

You can use the UTIITSL link not only to know your UTI PAN card status but also to obtain the AO code. The PAN card application’s AO code is made up of the area code, type range code and AO number. You must have the AO Code when you are filling the PAN card application so that you can track your UTI PAN card status afterwards. The AO Code is based on the city you live in. UTI pan card correction form can be downloaded if you need to reapply the card after having filling in incorrect details on the online application form.

Income tax department has allowed financial service providers such as UTI, NSDL and e-Mudhra to accept PAN card application, issue PAN card and tracking the status. You can know your UTI PAN card status here and obtain other valuable information about PAN card application. We hope that you will learn how to track your own UTI PAN card status and find all the information you need about UTI/NSDL PAN card application through the guides we provided. You can find every information you need to know about pan card status on the homepage so you should have no problem in tracking it.

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