Getting a New Pan Card

Getting a New PAN card

  • What Does PAN stands for?

    Permanent account number (PAN) is a 10 digits number that the Income Tax Department generated for income tax purposes. The PAN number issued to individuals, companies and corporations is unique.

  • Who is Qualified to Apply PAN

    Indian residents and foreigners that are interested in obtaining a PAN card will need the PAN number. The PAN is necessary for anyone who wants to conduct an economic activity in India for example banking.

Step by Step Guide in Submitting an Online PAN Card Application…

  1. You must enter the correct details in the online application form. After double checking the details you have entered, you can proceed to make payment for the application fees.
  2. Next, print out the online application with your printer.
  3. If you mistakenly type in the wrong information in the online application, you can rectify the error by using a liquid paper on the printed application.
  4. If you are applying for the PAN card as an individual, make sure to glue two colored photos onto the two boxes on top. (Click here to view Sample form).
  5. You must sign 3 times by using a black ball pen in the designated places as below:

    a. The box under the photo on the right side (don’t sign anything on the photo)

    b. The area opposite to the photo on the left side (you can sign over the paper and photo)

    c. The box below the right photo

  6.  Your name and the name of your father must be completely same as the names on the identity documents for example passport, and driver license. There are also other types of identity documents that you can use.

  7.  Minors who are under the minimum age requirements can get their guardian to put down their signature on the application. The photos included must be that of the minor but the ID proof should be that of the guardian.

  8. You must send the printed application that is completed with 3 signatures and 2 photos included along with photocopies of your identity documents, address and birthdate in a registered mail or speedy delivery option such as courier. the applicant is required to send the supporting documents through courier/post to NSDL/UTITSL. Only after the receipt of the documents, PAN application would be processed by NSDL/UTITSL.

  9. You are advised to go through the Procedure & Instruction in (English) or (Hindi) to learn more about it

  10. The staff will review your application and send the 15 digit acknowledgment PAN number to your email as soon as it gets processed. It is possible to check the status of your PAN application after one week. If you want to check the status, you must visit and click on Pan Status (NSDL). You can also check the PAN status at by choosing application type and selecting PAN-New / Change request. Next, you must enter the 15 digits Acknowledgment No. and click on the Submit button.

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