How to Apply for a Non Indian Resident (NRI) Pan Card

Applying for a New Pancard / Correction / Reprint / Reissue For Non-Indians / NRI

  • Who can apply?

    The application for a new PAN card or correction/reprint/reissue of existing/lost Indian card is open to Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and foreigners from one of the 104 specified countries.

  • Who is Qualified to apply for New / Correction / Reprint PAN card ?

    Any Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or foreigner from the 104 countries who is doing a business in India which means they are some financial activities going on will have to get an Indian Pan (Permanent Account Number) card. You can apply even if you don’t have any income yet and haven’t conduct any financial transaction in India. Those who accidentally lost their PAN cards can reapply for a second PAN card.

Step by Step Guide to Applying For a New/Correction/Reprint PanCard

  1. Fill in all the details in the form. Make sure to go through all the information in the form before proceeding to checkout to pay for the application fees. Don’t use any discount code when paying for the application fees online.

  2. Print out the application

  3. Liquid paper is allowed to be used for wiping out any mistake you make on the application and you can use black ball pen to write the correct details.

  4. It will require you to glue the two photo prints with plain background on top of the application. It is best not to obtain the photo by cutting it out from a bigger photo. (Click here to view Sample form)

  5. With a black ball pen, sign 3 signatures using a black ball pen in the specified places below (see Sample Form on website):

  • The box under the right photo (Make sure you don’t sign on the photo)
  • The area to the left of the photo (your signature can overlap the paper and photo)
  • The box on the lower right corner
  1. The name of the applicant and the name of the applicant’s father must be the same as the names mentioned on the passport or other types of identity proof documents.

  2. If the PAN card application is for a minor, the guardian will be responsible of putting down his/her signature. The birthdate proof such as birth certificate must be provided. It should also include a few copies of the guardian’s identity proof documents.

  3. If you enter the office address in the form, make sure you include the Employer’s Certificate. You can download the Employer’s Certificate at the website. There is no obligation to use the office address.

  4. Once the hard copy application is completed, you should scan a copy of the application and other documents included as attachment to the email at

  5. You can proceed to mail a hard copy of the application that is completed with 2 photo prints and 3 signatures in black ink via a courier to

    Moon Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    22, Shripal Nagar,

    Saket Ashram Road,

    P.O. : SUMERPUR-306902 (Rajasthan/India)

  1. It is advised that you read the Procedure & Instruction in (English) or (Hindi) if you still have no idea on how to apply for a non indian NRI pan card.

  2. The application will be processed as soon as they have received it. You will get a 15 digit acknowledgment no which you can use for tracking the status of your PAN application following 7 days. There are two websites where you can go to track the status of your PAN application including and You can click on Pan Status (NSDL) to check your status while at IN, you can check the status by choosing ‘Select application type’ – PAN-New/Change request and entering the 15 digit Acknowledgment No. you received in your email.

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