Online PAN Application Form – Download the PAN Card Application Form from UTI/NSDL Portal Online for Free

Online PAN Application Form

Many people in India has already started submitting their PAN card application online even though it is still in the stage of an e-governance project. Our blog has all the information you need to know about your pan card. If you are thinking of applying the PAN card online, it is advised that you go through the information on this page which will teach you how to download the PAN card application online. Applicants can go to the NSDL and UTI portals to have the PAN card application form downloaded onto their computers. There are different forms for different types of PAN card applications. On this page, you will learn which is the right form you should download. We have included the appropriate links so you can conveniently go to the UTI and NSDl official site by simply clicking on the link. You have to fill in a form if you want to make correction on the erroneous data on your existing PAN card. For correction, you must download the PAN card correction form. The detailed instructions that are included in the post will guide you on how to obtain the right application form. You will also find other helpful information on the application on this page. PAN card has become a necessary document for anyone who wants to open a new account at a bank in India.The PAN card is linked to the bank account and it is also linked to the Aadhar card. It is not a requirement to link your bank account to Aadhar card.

Foreigners can also apply for the PAN card. You must use a different form if you want to make correction in the existing PAN card. The information that is shared on this page will guide in you getting the right form for the type of PAN card application you are applying. You can find out your online application status after the PAN card application.


PAN Card Application Forms at NSDL Portal

NSDL portal has provided downloadable PAN application PDF forms for applicants

    1. Form 49A – This form should be downloaded by Indian citizens that are interested in new PAN card application.
    2. Form 49AA – This form is used by foreigners who are applying for new PAN card.
    3. PAN Card Correction Form – You should download this form if you want to rectify some mistakes in your existing PAN card. It will be using your existing PAN no.

After filling the form, you must submit it at your local NSDL tin facility center. You can go to the NSDL site to see if there is any nearby tin facilitation center in your neighborhood. TIN centers can collect PAN and TAN applications. They also collect the application forms for other types of financial services such as TDS returns, and income tax returns. You can find out about your TIN NSDL pan status.

PAN Card Form at the UTI Portal

You can click on the provided link below to download the PAN application form for applying a new PAN card. The correction PAN application form is called CSF at the UTI portal.

  1. Form 49A – Indian residents should download this form
  2. Form 49 AA – Foreign residents should download the form
  3. CSF – This form is for making correction on the PAN card. It is also the form that you should fill if you want to apply for a duplicate PAN card with the same PAN number. Applying for a duplicate PAN card allows you to have the spare card available for use in case your first PAN card is misplaced.

You will find the instructions on how to fill the forms in the link. You can read how to fill pan card guide if you don’t have any idea on how to fill in the form. Go through the instructions provided in the form and you will know how to fill in the form. You can easily know your UTI pan card status after submitting the Pan card application at the UTI portal.

What Documents Do You Need to Attach with Your PAN Card Application Form

If you apply for PAN card, you must also submit the documents described below to the NSDL or UTI branch:

  1. Identity proof
  2. Address proof
  3. Birth date proof (individual and Hindu Undivided Family)
  4. Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership Deed (firm or partnership entities)

There are various types of documents that you can use as proof documents. Some of the good examples of proof documents are driving license, passport, Aadhar card. Examples of not so commonly used proof documents are certificate of identity and pensioner card.

The government now allows you to link your PAN card to your Aadhar card as an act of fraud prevention. It will make it more convenient to pay tax when you link your PAN card to the Aadhar card. Once the Aadhar card no. is linked to the PAN card no, you don’t have to send in the ITR V acknowledgment when submitting the payment for your income tax. Find out how you can get aadhar card status by name or number. Navigate around our site and use the search feature to find any information that you want. On this blog, you will also find information about how to track your PAN card status and how to verify a PAN card. We have made it easy for you to get the right PAN card application form. Our blog aims to help people who have any issue related to Permanent Account Number application.

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