PAN Card Information – What Information to Put in the PAN Card Application

What Information Should You Enter in the PAN Card Application Form

Do you want to submit a PAN card application? Do you need help about what PAN card details you need to enter into the application. We included all the links and necessary details in the application form. You must obtain Form 49 A if you want to apply for the PAN card. The online application procedure for the Permanent Account Number is straightforward. We have layout clear and simple instructions on how to fill the Form 49A. Those who are applying for a new card should download the pan card application form. The pan card correction form is for those who want to make correction on the pan card details. In addition, you will also learn how to track your PAN card status.

The importance of the Permanent Account Number document is increasing every year. It is a crucial document that every person who pays tax and deal with transaction must have. You need to present the PAN card to validate the transaction of an asset or house. It was created to add transparency to the financial transactions that are carried out in India. It helps to prevent the problems of havala and other illegitimate economy activities that are taking place in India. It also has been a great help to financial institutions and banks apart from its use by the income tax department in India. This is a crucial document that you need to present whenever you want to do a transaction that involves money. The government can easily track the transaction that is being carried out when they check the PAN card which is linked to the bank account. It is the responsibility of each individual and company to apply for the PAN card. We have listed all the necessary information that you need to provide when completing the form. If it is the first time you are applying for PAN card, it is going to be helpful for you to read the guide.

Details on PAN Card

You will be providing your personal information when completing the Form 49A. The following are the pan card details that you must enter into the application form.

  1. Name and address
  2. Birthdate or date when your company is founded
  3. The name of the applicant’s father
  4. Valid telephone number
  5. Mailing address
  6. Home or work address
  7. Applicant status (this is for use in companies)
  8. Aadhar no. (only applicable to Indian residents)

Both individual and company has the right to apply for PAN card so some of the information above applies to both the company or individual or both of them.You can obtain the application form from NSDL and UTI who have been licensed by the government to issue PAN card.


Validating the PAN Card – Using PAN Number to Validate the Details on a PAN Card

You can learn about the individual or company who the owner of the PAN card by providing their PAN number at the Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page:

  1. Click to visit the Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page.
  2. Enter the Permanent Account Number and press on the submit button.
  3. It will display the name of the PAN cardholder and the information on the jurisdiction

The facility can be accessed by everyone at the Tax e-filling portal. Anyone that has your pan number will be able to find out all the transactions that are carried out with it. It allows the party who want to do business with you to do background check on you before getting involved in any transaction.

How to Know Your PAN Number with Your Name and Birthdate

In case you forgot your PAN number, you can find out about it by providing the personal information on your PAN card just like how you use the PAN number to know your PAN card status. You can retrieve your PAN number online no matter where you are.

Click here to find out about your PAN by entering your name and birthdate.

For those who represent a company entity, the birthdate field is to be filled with the date the company is incorporated. You can go to this page to learn about the permanent account number. When you found out about your PAN number, you will be able to create a duplicate PAN card. The duplicate PAN card will work as a backup card in case you lose your main PAN card.

Making Inquiries about PAN Card

You can dial the telephone number below if you have question about the PAN application. Those who apply via the UTI portal should dial the UTI toll free number. Applicants who submitted their applications at NSDL should dial the NSDL toll free number.

UTI Toll Free Telephone Number: 1800 220 306
UTI Telephone Number call: (ordinary phone rate applies) 022-6793 1300
NSDL Telephone Number: (ordinary phone rate applies) 022-2721 8080

You can know your PAN card status online faster than calling the customer support phone number. We have easy to understand guide that will teach you how to track your PAN card at NSDL, UTI and e-Mudhra. You will need to read the post about PAN card status online on our blog. Below are a few links that can provide assistance on all issues regarding PAN card.

UTI pan card status

NSDL pan card status

Permanent account number is useful in launching a background check on an individual or company to ensure that they are not involved in any illegal dealing. There are many different facilities that you can found at the income tax department site as well as at the NSDL and UTI sites. Any person who wants to verify someone’s PAN card details or check the application status can access these facilities. The facilities you can found at the online PAN application site are Know your PAN and Know your Jurisdiction Officer. Our aim is to help Indians understand the procedure on applying for the Permanent Account Number and Aadhar Card. If there is something you don’t understand about pan card details, you can tell us by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

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