What is the Procedure for Applying a Duplicate PAN Card

Application for a Duplicate PAN Card

This post will guide you on applying a duplicate PAN card if your card is misplaced or damaged. PAN card is an important document for anyone who want to carry out a financial transaction. It is necessary to show this card when you want to carry out a large financial transaction, make payment for your income tax and file for the income tax returns. It is normal for the PAN card to get missing or damaged from time to time. It is easy to fix this problem. You can submit application for duplicate PAN card online. You will use back your existing Permanent Account Number. There are a few steps you must complete before you can obtain a duplicate PAN card. This guide is written in a simplified way so that you can easily understand the instructions. The post outlines the complete procedure on the duplicate PAN card. The links that you need to visit for applying the duplicate PAN card have been listed in the post.

You must first apply your Permanent Account Number. There is nothing to worry if you forgot about your PAN card number. You can find out about your PAN card number and other details by going to the income tax e-filling portal. Please read the post on PAN card verification. You will learn how to retrieve your PAN number and fill in your information at the e-filling site. (Do Each of the Steps for Know your PAN and Know your Jurisdiction Officer).


Who Should Be Applying for Duplicate PAN Card

If you are an existing PAN card holder, you can apply for a duplicate PAN card if

  1. Your PAN card is missing
  2. You believe that your PAN card is being stolen (You don’t have to submit a FIR copy or  complaint for the card that is missing)
  3. The card is bent or bear some damages

Applying for a duplicate PAN card means they will issue an exact reprint of the card. The details on the reprinted card will be complete the same as the first card you received. There won’t be any term on the card that describe it is a reprint or duplicate card. You must provide the correct pan card details when you are reapplying for the card. If you want to make correction on certain details on the form, you should obtain the pan card correction form.

How to Submit a Duplicate PAN Card Application

The following is the step by step instructions on how to apply for a duplicate PAN card at the NSDL site.

  1. Visit the official portal site of NSDL
  2. Press the Reprint of Card button
  3. Select Online Application for Changes and Correction in PAN Data
  4. It give you detailed instructions on how to enter your details into the online application form.
  5. Click on the button located below the page.
  6. Select what type of applicant you are for example individual or partnership or company.
  7. After you finished filling the form, you can press the submit button.You must state your Permanent Account number.
  8. If you provide information on the Aadhar card number, you should send in your Aadhar card to the NSDL e-gov.
  9. You will receive an acknowledgment number when you successfully submitted the form.
  10. You should have the acknowledgment receipt printed out.

What Documents to You Need to Submit for the Duplicate/Change/Reprint PAN Card

Mail the documents described below to the NSDL e-GOV:

    1. You must glue two of your most recent photos (the photo print must show your face in color and have a white background) onto the acknowledgment. You must sign your signature or put the thumbprint of your left thumb on the photo.
    2. Acknowledgment (signed and include attachment of the applicant’s photos)
    3. Buy a Demand Draft of Rs. 107 that is pay towards NSDL – PAN, in Mumbai (if the application fee is not paid online)
    4. Existing PAN card proof
    5. Identity, address and date of birth proofs (suitable for individual and sole proprietorship company)
    6. Mail the proof documents to NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd., 5th, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey no. 997/8, Model Colony, Nr. Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016.
    7. Label the envelop:“APPLICATION FOR PAN CHANGE REQUEST-N-Acknowledgement Number”(states the 15 digit acknowledgment no.)

The mail will arrive at NSDL in 15 days from the time you submitted the online duplicate card application.
You have now finished your application.

The copy of your original PAN card which you have lost or damaged is not enough to be used as proof. You must send in other proof documents such as identity, address and birth date. They will issue you a duplicate PAN card after you have submitted the application.

You can read the post on PAN Card status to find out how to know your application status online. You can ask any question about duplicate PAN card application by dialing the NSDL phone number at 020-27218080. We hope that the guideline above is set out clear enough for you to understand how to apply for duplicate PAN card. We advised you to first get any mistakes corrected before applying for the duplicate card. You can also find out how to apply for new PAN card from the helpful post at the blog. You can apply for the correction or duplicate PAN card at the UTI or NSDL site. We have done our best to make the steps that are outlined in the post as easy to follow as possible. If you still have question about the procedure, you can let us know by leaving a comment.

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