How Can You Find Out Your PAN Number BY NAME

Learn about Your  PAN Number by Name

If you don’t know the PAN number, you can enter the last name or family name and birthdate of the pancard holder. It is best if you know the father’s name of the pancard holder.

If you get a lot of results after entering the family name and birthdate, you can narrow the result by entering the information about the father in another round. However, if you only know the surname of the father, it is not possible to perform the verification since there are too many results.

If the individual or company registers the name for his pancard in a single word, the single word name should be entered as the surname. Examples of single word names for the companies are HUF, and LLP. The date of registration of the company will be regarded as the birthdate.

What Information Do You Need if You Want to Verify Your Pan Number by Name

1. Basic Requirements

  1. You must have the surname of the pancard holder.

  2. Birthdate of the pancard holder

  3. It is not necessary to fill in the first name and middle name to retrieve the data on the pancard holder but you can fill in them in the appropriate field to get more precise search result.

2. If you are getting more than one result, you will have to enter more details to get an accurate result.

  1. For the best result, you should enter the first name, middle name, and surname of the pancard holder

  2. Enter the birthdate

  3. Enter the first name, middle name and last name of your father. For the father’s name, you must make sure you have the first name and last name.

  4. If the father’s name is a single word, it is impossible to perform the verification in the event that more than one results have bee returned in the first time you try to verify it.


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