Know your PAN Card Status & UTI/ NSDL Application Status Online

Track your PAN Card Status

You can learn about your pan card status online after submitting the PAN card application. Here is a detailed tutorial that will guide you step by step on how to monitor PAN card status online. It is a very important document that you must prepare if you are earning a living from taxable income including salary and fees. There are only a few simple steps to follow to track your PAN card status and we have compiled this tutorial with straightforward instructions and relevant links. Apart from just helping you to know about your PAN status, it also offers a lot of useful tips on Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Definition of PAN Card
PAN card is a plastic card that has become increasingly important for use in identity proof and economy transactions. The laminated plastic card has 10 digits that are formed of alphabets and numbers. The 10 digit number is issued to the individual through the Income Tax Department of India. You can use your PAN card as identity proof documents no matter in which part of India you are and you can continue to use the same card even though your address is changed and you have relocated to another place. Many people have submitted their applications for PAN card after learning about its importance.

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Importance of PAN Card

It is necessary to bring along your PAN card when you go to the bank to open new accounts, sign up for new credit cards and make phone calls. You also need to show your PAN card when you

    • are filling for income tax and income tax returns
    • prevent tax deduction at higher rate
    • conduct a transaction that worth more than 5 Lakhs
    • buying or selling vehicles excluding vehicles that have two wheels
    • making a deposit of more than Rs. 50,000 into your bank account in 1 day
    • making an investment in securities that worth more than Rs. 50,000
    • You can go to the government portal to keep track of the PAN card status after submitting the PAN application.

Where to Get the Online PAN Card Form
You can download the PAN card online application form at the NSDL and UTI sites. If you don’t want to download the form online, you can go to the local NSDL or UIT office to obtain a copy of the PAN card application form. you must get the Form 49 A if you are an Indian citizen applying for a new PAN card. If you are a foreign citizen, you should get the Form 49AA when applying for a new PAN card.

The forms for correction on your PAN card or creating a PAN plastic card from an existing PAN number can also be downloaded online. You can start tracking the PAN card status after entering all the fields in the form.

Learning about Your PAN Card Status
The steps for checking your PAN card status vary from site to site but the steps that have been provided below are for tracking the PAN status at NSDL and UTI. You can also refer to the e-Mudhra portal to learn about your PAN card status. You can browse the posts on our site to learn how to know your pan status.

How to Find Out Your UTI Application Status
Please follow the instructions that are layout below to find out about your PAN card status at the UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Limited. The instructions below can also be used to learn about the status of your duplicate PAN card application or application for making correction on the PAN card. If you don’t remember the steps, you can come back at our site at anytime to go through the instructions again.

1. Go to the tracking page for the UTI Pan Status at UTI
2. You will automatically be redirected to the UTI portal upon clicking the link. First of all, it will ask you to choose from 3 application forms including Form 49A for applying a new PAN card, Form 49AA and CSF.
3. If this is the first time you apply for your PAN card, you must choose the first form which is Form 49A. You should choose the third form, CSF, if you want a form for a duplicate PAN card or to make some corrections in your existing PAN card.
4. After that, type in the 15 digits of your application number
5. Press the Submit button to check your PAN card status.

You should follow the instructions below to check the PAN status if you apply for the PAN card at the NSDL portal. every single pan card details has been included in a different article to assist you in filling in the details in the form quickly. As you can see, you can track the PAN card status at either the NSDL or UTI portal.

How to Find Out Your PAN Status at NSDL
You should only track your PAN card status after you have waited for at least 7 days after the submission date of your applications. Here are the steps for tracking the PAN card status at NSDL

  1. Click the link to go to the NSDL PAN Check Status Page: NSDL
  2. Choose the right option depending on your application for example PAN New/Change request
  3. Type in the 15 digit acknowledgment no in the appropriate field
  4. Enter your name and birth date
  5. Press the Submit button to see the status of your PAN card application.

There are a few licensed online service providers that can accept pan card applications online. They usually also provide a method for you to track the status of your PAN card application. You can find a more complete tutorial on tracking your NSDL pan status at the portal.

Tracking Your PAN Status at e-Mudhra and Samanta

Apart from UTI and NSDL, there are other established licensed service providers are e-Mudhra Consumer Services Limited and Samanta Communications Pvt. Ltd that accept online application and allow you to track your PAN card status. It is possible to track the status of the PAN card application you submitted at e-Mudra and Samanta (The at the respective portals. You can verify pan card online.

How to Make Corrections on the Data in the PAN Card
If you want to make correction or changes on your Pan card, you can do so by filling in the correct form at the UTI or NSDL site. You must choose Application for Request for Change in PAN card when prompted. Next, you must enter the correct information for replacing the false information. The necessary identity documents and fees must be mailed to the office of NSDL or UTI or e-Muhdra. If you still don’t understand how the steps work, you should read the complete tutorial on this at how to get pan card correction form and submit your application online.

How Can You Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card
Those who want to apply for a duplicate PAN card should get the form 49A at the similar portals where you obtain the application for applying a new PAN card. Only those who have misplaced or damaged their PAN card should submit an application for duplicate PAN card. For the duplicate PAN card, your existing Permanent Account Number will be used instead of being given a new number. You must provide a photocopy of the original PAN card when submitting the duplicate PAN card application.

Dial the PAN Card Customer Support Number to Ask Any Question

If you have any question, you can call the customer support of NSDL and UTI by using the phone numbers listed on their sites.

NSDL and UTI are established PAN card application companies and you can find their offices at the cities. You can call the office that is nearest to your location if you want to learn more about your PAN card application. They have specific tracking pages for you to track the NSDL and UTI pan card status.

The initial intention of creating a PAN card is to use for tax payment purposes such as tax demand, assessment and tax payer information. The Income Tax Department released the Permanent Account Number as a way to identify each individual. The authorities invented PAN card to prevent issues in tax payment including hawala system for money transfer and illegal nonpayment of tax.

The ability to track the PAN card status online is important as more importance is placed on the Permanent Account Number for economy transactions as well as identity proof document at private and government organizations. On our site, you will find every information you need to know about your PAN card application. You can save a lot of time when you check the status of your PAN card at the portal that belongs to the licensed service provider. We also have a tutorial on aadhar card and Uidai project. Continue to subscribe to our pan cad blog if you are interested in getting more information on the government ID card.